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Jungang Market (Yankee Market)


This market are located just after DongIncheon Station. They say Yankee Market appeared in place where soldiers sold their uniform. The market is divided by two parts. Outside part is like in other Korean towns. It's ordinary shopping streets.

The second part is covered market. If you enter under tarpaulin, you will get different world. Feeling of illegality is in the air - I think it's because of darkness around you, there are dim bulbs only. You walk through labyrinth of covered ways and rows of stalls. Sellers appear from the dark corners of treir stores and ask you to buy something. If you refuse, they dissolve among their goods. It seems they live here. Sometimes you need wake up shopman to bargain with him. Actually, I like this place more than Down Town or Sinpo Dong shopping areas. May be it's because Yankee Market doesn't fall under renovation wave yet and saves its originality.

Yankee Market offers mainly clothes and bags. They are handicraft or China-made. Price is two-four times less than another shopping areas of Incheon. What's about quality? - well, test your luck.


- Subway : "DongIncheon Station" (1-st line). Then enter into Down Town and walk under the station. All exits on other side of the station lead to Yankee Market
- Buses : 2,6-1,12,15,22,23,41,45,46, etc, bus-stop "DongIncheon Station"

All points are given in WGS 84:
  1. Entrance in Jungang Market (Yankee Market) - 37°28,579'N, 126°38,003'E
  2. Entrance in Jungang Market (Yankee Market) - 37°28,557'N, 126°38,049'E
  3. Entrance in Jungang Market (Yankee Market). There is entrance in Down Town also - 37°28,527'N, 126°37,991'E
  4. Entrance in Jungang Market (Yankee Market). There is entrance in Down Town also - 37°28,596'N, 126°37,904'E
  5. "DongIncheon Station" (1-st line of subway or bus-stops for buses 2,6-1,12,15,22,23,41,45, etc) - 37°28,493'N, 126°37,999'E

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