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Streets of Incheon


Incheon just begins to develop as tourist city. For the present they emphasize well-known places : Wolmido, Sinpo Dong, China Town and others. But Incheon is itself very interesting city. Walk on the streets of the town and watch inhabitants life. Incheon combines port town and Asian town, and this is its charm.

I have come in Incheon for the first time in 1997. At that time the town didn't make impression on me - it was grey and dull. But all is changed. Metropolitan city government do a lot to make Incheon beautiful and attractive town. The streets from "Dong Incheon Station" (1-st line of subway) to port are put in order : asphalt are replaced by paving slabs, lampposts are instead of dull bulbs, shop and restaurant fronts shine by neon.

So, if you have free time, stroll around "Dong Incheon Station" vicinity gives you pleasure, particularly in the evening time. Especially because the area from the station to port is not large. Don't forget to take with you video or photo camera : local people' attitude to foreigner witn camera is very positive, thanks to Incheon is port city.

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