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Sinpo Market


A Traditional Market place with a Modern Touch.

Sinpo Market has long been Incheon's representative traditional market place. Sinpo-dong Market is located next to sophisticated fashion shops of Sinpo-Dong Culture Street. Quaint yet handy stores such as mills, general stores, hardware stores, and OEM surplus clothing stores are visible in this market.

It is also a place to savor some of Incheon's local specialty snacks such as spicy cold noodles (jjolmyeon), dumplings, handmade thick cut noodles (kalguksu), and the Chinese-influenced puffy bread, gonggalbbang, all prepared in their original old fashioned way. Ganghwa Susam (undried insam) is Incheon's specialty product and contributed to making Sinpo Market famous. Recently, you can see a lot of tourists and seamen from the Philippines and Russia. There are stores for Russians and Filipinos and restaurants offering a range of foreign foods.

It's all abote ginseng

Following a recent renovation, Sinpo Market has been entirely revamped into a new appearance. With roads repaved in orange-colored ascon (an asphalt-concrete mix), and sidewalks redone using rubber blocks, the place conveys a safer, more cozy feeling to pedestrians. The area around the market, now equipped with arches, promotional towers and other information posting structures, appears urban and stylish.

Open time (local):
11:00 - 23:00


- Subway : "DongIncheon Station" (1-st line), then walk (10 minute) to the Market.
- Buses : 2,6-1,12,15,22,23,41,45,46, etc, bus-stop "DongIncheon Station", then walk. Or buses 6-1,15,23,41,46, etc, bus-stop "Dap-Dong".

All points are given in WGS 84:
  1. Entrance in Sinpo Market from road (Uhyeono)- 37°28,299'N, 126°37,693'E
  2. Entrance in Sinpo Market from road (Uhyeono) - 37°28,278'N, 126°37,681'E
  3. Entrance in Sinpo Market - 37°28,275'N, 126°37,568'E
  4. Entrance in Sinpo Market - 37°28,292'N, 126°37,580'E
  5. Lighthouse imitation - 37°28,285'N, 126°37,598'E
  6. "DongIncheon Station" (1-st line of subway or bus-stops for buses 2,6-1,12,15,22,23,41,45, etc) - 37°28,493'N, 126°37,999'E

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