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Sinpo-dong in which numerous stores including luxury brands, casuals, and bonded specialized stores for fashion, shoes, accessories and bags are located along the side of road. Sinpo-dong is to Incheon what Myeongdong is for Seoul. Because there are many fascinating cafeterias and restaurants attracting young people, it is a place of fashion leaders in Incheon where the newest fashion trend and the vigor of youth can be felt.

This neighborhood, created at the turn of the century, quickly became a sort of marketplace for "exotic" products such as needles, cosmetics, shoes and western apparel. Sinpo is now a fashion district drawing Incheon's trendiest people to its streets and shops. The decentralization of urban commercial quarters brought about during recent decades drained some of Sinpo-dong's traffic. But with its streets lined with glitzy boutiques, cafes and restaurants frequented by the younger generation, the area remains a very fashionable scene. Recently, the neighborhood has also become a favorite of foreigners entering the country via Incheon Port. A new wave of shops catering to them has given the area a cosmopolitan atmosphere, turning it into what some would call a "fusion-style tourist attraction."

Sinpo early morning

If you go there, you can see what's in vogue. Sinpo-dong is the place where you can have a totally new look. Sinpo-dong is constantly changing to surprise us with what's hot and new. There is something for Everyone in Sinpo-dong. The street is full of fancy fashions and people. You won't get tired even if you walk around all day to take a look at everything. With active overseas trading, it is expected to become a center of fashion for the foreigners.

During the day, it is crowded with foreign tourists and shoppers, and at night, it is crowded with people who want to enjoy great food and have a few drinks. In the 300m sector from Gyeong-dong Fourway to the Korea Development Bank, there are 200 famous brand-name shops. You can window shop and eat all different kinds of food. If you are picky, don't worry, you can enjoy the selection of nice food here. Cultural Street have a number of famous restaurants in which Cholmyeon, Gonggalpang, Kalguksoo, and other authentic dishes born and developed in Incheon can be tasted.


Arc at the entry in Gourmet Street

Gourmet Street is a part of Sinpo-dong. It's a trendy shopping area for young spirits. Wait 5 minutes, then you can meet your friends whom you didn't call to meet up. In other words, this is the place where young people hang out to eat or for a date. There are romantic cafes, nice restaurants, hamburger joints or some snack corners here.


- Subway : "DongIncheon Station" (1-st line), then walk (10 minute) to the Sinpo-dong.
- Buses : 2,6-1,12,15,22,23,41,45,46, etc, bus-stop "DongIncheon Station", then walk. Or buses 6-1,15,23,41,46,etc, bus-stop "Dap-Dong".


Fusion restaurants, cultural streets, and Gourmet Street make Sinpo one of Incheon's most colorful shopping district. Is it not enough for you? Look at other shopping places of Incheon : Sinpo Market, Underground Shopping Center (Down Town), Enjoy Shopping Mall, Yankee Market.

All points are given in WGS 84:
  1. Entrance in The Street of Fashion and Culture (the arc) - 37°28,345'N, 126°37,726'E
  2. Lighthouse imitation- 37°28,285'N, 126°37,598'E
  3. Stage for performance - 37°28,265'N, 126°37,488'E
  4. Enjoy Shopping Mall ("DongIncheon Station") - 37°28,525'N, 126°37,911'E
  5. Entrance in Sinpo Market from road (Uhyeono)- 37°28,299'N, 126°37,693'E
  6. Entrance in Sinpo Market from road (Uhyeono) - 37°28,278'N, 126°37,681'E
  7. Entrance in Sinpo Market - 37°28,275'N, 126°37,568'E
  8. Entrance in Sinpo Market - 37°28,292'N, 126°37,580'E

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