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From Seoul...

Take train of subway line No.1. "DongIncheon Station" for down town of Incheon, "Incheon Station" for China Town or Wolmido. (See remarks about subway 1-st line).

"DongIncheon Station" and "Incheon Station"

From Incheon International Airport...

- 1-st way : take a taxi to Incheon. Taxi stands are located outside exits on the 1-st floor (Arrivals), and are divided according to type (regular, deluxe & jumbo) and destination (Seoul, Incheon & Gyeonggi Province, etc.).
It's fast, but not cheap. You can read my remarks about this here.

- 2-nd way : take a bus to Incheon. You can take a city bus, coach bus or limousine bus. There are five types of buses.

For example you can use following bus routes:
Starting point to airport Time Starting point from airport Time Interval (min.) Movement time (min.) Distance (km.) Number of times
306 Incheon Station 05.00 (First)
21.10 (Last)
Eurwang-ri Beach 06.50 (First)
22.05 (Last)
14 150 118 168
  Route : Eurwang-ri Beach, Incheon International Airport, West Industrial Complex, INI Steel, DongIncheon Station, Sinpo Market, Jung-gu Office, Incheon Station.
112 Yeonan Passenger Terminal 05.30 (First)
21.00 (Last)
Incheon In'l Airport 05.50 (First)
22.40 (Last)
15 230 130 65
  Route : Yeonan Passenger Ship Terminal, Life apts, Fish Market, Passenger Wharf, Suhyeop, Namhang Wharf, Yeonan apts, Public Procurement Service, Ongjin-gun Office, Samick Apts, Sinheung Rotary, DongIncheon, Mirim Movie Theater, Songnim Rotary, Wal Mart, Yeongchang Musical Instrument Co, Seongnam-dong, Gajeong Ogeori, Seo-gu Office, Gongchon sageori, Seobu Industrial Complex, Bukincheon I.C, Airport New Town, Incheon International Airport.
111 Songdo Park 05.30 (First)
20.50 (Last)
Incheon In'l Airport 06.05 (First)
22.50 (Last)
10 200 96,9 153
  Route : Songdo Park, Okryeon Apts, Songdo High School, Dong-yang Chemical, Inha University, Hagik Sageori, Court, Munhak Stadium, Terminal, Gil Hospital, City Hall, Heemang Dept. Store, Ganseok Ogeon, Baekun Station, Hyunda Dept, Bupyeong Station, Bupyeong-gu Office, Bupyeong Tourist Hotel, Galsan-dong, Jakjeon-dong, Gyeyang Police Station, Gyesan Housing Site, Gyesan Station, Gongchon sageori, Bukincheon I.C, Incheon International Airport.

Bus Information

Route information and ticket booths for buses to Seoul, Incheon and nearby areas are located at bus stops outside each exit on the 1-st floor (Arrivals). For details, go to the nearest Bus Information Counter. (Tel : (032) 741-6400).

Ground transportation of passenger terminal 1-st floor (Arrival area).

(1, 14) Emergency (2A, 2B, 9A, 9B) Incheon (3A, 13B) Shuttle bus
(3B~6B, 10A~13A) Seoul (7A~8B) Gyeonggi (3C, 4C, 13C) Car
(4D~8C) Taxi (9C~10C) Locality bus (12C) Group bus
(14C) U.S.Army Airport information desks Bus ticket booths

- 3-rd way : take a bus No.202 to Yeongjong Wharf. Stop of the bus is on the 3-rd floor of the airport near Exit 5. I repeat again : on the 3-rd floor, not the 1-st one, where most of buses departs. You can see the bus 202 stop on the map of the 3-rd and the 4-th floor and the bus route on Yeongjongdo island map. Then the bus makes a short circle around transportation center and go to Yeongjongdo Wharf (30 min, 900 won).

Schedule of the bus No.202 (local time)
Airport 07:20 08:20 09:20 10:20 11:20 12:20 13:20
14:20 15:20 16:20 17:20 18:20 19:20 20:20
Ferry wharf 06:50 07:50 08:50 09:50 10:50 11:50 12:50
13:50 14:50 15:50 16:50 17:50 18:50 19:50

Or take a taxi. But I don't advise you do it. Look here why.
Then take the car ferry "Yeongjongdo Wharf - Wolmido Wharf" (15 min, 2000 won). There are buses No.2,15,23,45 from Wolmido to "Incheon Station" or "DongIncheon Station" (5-10 min, 900 won).

From Yeonan Pier...

You can take taxi from passenger terminal to down town of Incheon (5000 won). Or take any bus No.12,24,28 to "Incheon Station". Also you can use bus No.14 to "Dowon Station" or bus No.36 to "Jemulpo Station", then go to "DongIncheon Station" by subway.

From Incheon Port...

If you seaman, you should go to exit gate with check-point and custom control (wharf No.1). The check-point is near Sinpo-dong. If you are in International Passenger Terminal 2, you can walk to down town or take a taxi.

Month Precipitation
Wind Pressu-
Rel. humi-
dity %
Fog days Sun
- 24 h no.of days Av. Max. Minim Av. Dir. Av.
Av. 06.00 14.40 Av. - -
Jan. 58 7.3 20.3 12.8 -14.4 -3.9 N-NW 4.65 1022.0 72 56 1.5 07.47 17.39
Feb. 61 5.0 17.8 15.6 -17.2 -2.2 N-NW 4.83 1025.6 72 56 1.0 07.23 18.12
Mar. 124 6.0 30.5 21.7 -13.9 2.8 N-NW 5.27 1018.3 75 55 3.0 06.44 18.40
Apr. 66 7.8 66.0 27.2 -2.2 9.4 NWSW 4.78 1019.3 80 56 4.0 05.59 19.08
May 76 9.2 83.8 31.1 3.3 15.0 W-SW 4.29 1010.9 85 62 6.0 05.24 19.35
June 99 9.1 99.1 33.3 8.9 19.4 W-SW 3.53 1009.3 88 65 8.0 05.12 19.56
July 195 14.8 276.9 35.6 13.9 23.3 W-SW 4.06 1004.9 94 77 10.0 05.24 19.55
Aug. 348 11.7 223.5 36.7 15.6 25.0 S'ly 3.80 1007.0 84 71 3.0 05.49 19.27
Sept 127 8.8 109.2 32.2 5.5 20.0 N-NW 3.80 1015.1 84 60 1.0 06.15 18.42
Oct. 71 7.0 40.6 28.3 -1.1 13.9 N-NW 4.16 1019.1 79 56 0.9 06.41 17.57
Nov. 61 8.5 40.6 22.2 -10.6 6.1 N-NW 4.83 1022.7 76 57 0.9 07.13 17.23
Dec. 25 8.7 27.9 14.4 -18.3 -1.1 N-NW 4.74 1021.3 73 58 1.0 07.40 17.16
Total - 102.9 1036 - - - - - - - - 40.3 - -
Ann. Av. - - - 15.0 7.2 11.1 N-NW 4.39 1016.9 81 60 - - -
Sunrise and sunset time are in middle of every month.


If you are in Incheon and have some time, come to the nearest Tourist Information Center (TIC). The main reason to do so, it's availability of maps and guide books in the centers. Maps help you to plan your journey and choose right route. It's particularly important when you communicate with locals, especially with taxi-drivers. Most of them don't speak English, but everyone can show your present place or destination on the map. Traveller without map is blind.

TIC near "Incheon Station" (left) and in Wolmido (right)

Tourist Information Centers are located near "Incheon Station" (last stop of subway line No.1) and Wolmido (near ferry wharf). Also you can get information in Incheon Korean-Chinese Cultural Center (Hang-dong 1Ga, Jung-gu - China Town) and in TIC of International Passenger Terminal No.1 (Yeonan Pier).


When in Incheon 12.00...
City Time City Time
Moscow (summer/winter) 07.00/
Khabarovsk, Vladivostok (summer/winter) 14.00/
Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo 00.00 New York, Montreal, Bogota, Toronto 22.00*
Chicago, Houston 21.00* Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles 19.00*
Sydney, Melbourne 13.00 Taipei, Manila, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore 11.00
Bangkok, Jakarta 10.00 New Delhi, Calcutta 08.00
Teheran, Kuwait, Jeddah 07.00 Hamburg, Rome, Paris, Amsterdam 04.00
London, Madrid 03.00 Shanghai 11.00
* previous day


Incheon is full of tradition, and there are numerous exiting festivals held here all year round. They are very local and are full of humanity. Jump into the heat of festivals.
Incheon Grand Park Seasonal Festival (every April ~ June)
The Incheon Grand Park is a theme park full of festivals. Every April, cherry blossoms fill the park from the rear gate to the lake park. During this time, there are police guards of honor parades, military band parades, cycle stunts, and other exciting events. From the beginning of May to June, rape flowers, which can be seen in Jeju-do blossom, and in the beginning of June, roses are in full bloom.
- Inquiries: 032-440-6521 ~ 2
Hwadojin Festival (every May)
May 22 is the day that the treaty of amity was formed between Korea and the U.S. The Hwadojin Festival is held in Dong-gu to commemorate this day. Traditional events are held, including gyeongsagut, jisinbalgi, sacrificial rites for the progress of Dong-gu, samullori, and other traditional performances.
- Inquiries: 032-761-0147

Street performance

Green Celadon Cultural Festival (every September)
Nokcheongja kiln site is the place where green celadon was once made. Green celadon is important in researching celadon. The place is designated as Historic Site No. 211. There is a cultural festival held here every September. Art competitions related to celadon, farm band performances, samullori, and green celadon exhibits are given.
- Inquiries: 032-560-4343
Incheon Sorae Inlet Festival (every October)
This is the only remaining natural inlet in the metropolitan area. A festival is held with this natural ecological park in the background. The festival begins with a parade, a ritual for a big catch, and a celebratory performance. Fusion Nanta, a resident's singing contest, the Ms. Sorae Inlet competition, traditional performances, folk song festival, the Sorae historic exhibit, and specialty products exhibits are all held here... The festival is full of great things to do. During the festival period, seafood can be purchased at 10-30% discounts, and sashimi and stew are also offered at 10% discounts.
- Inquiries: 032-453-2102

Amusement Park in Wolmido

Citizens Day Festival (every October)
Every October, Incheon becomes a city of festivals. This festival is held to commemorate October 15, the day that the name Incheon was first used. It begins with a reenactment of Sungmojakheollye commemorating the intentions of past Incheon Dohobusa (mayors in these days). There are street festivals, celebratory musical performances, fireworks, boat parades, cultural activities, athletic competitions, and even international events with sister cities.
- Inquiries: 032-440-3241 ~ 2
Bupyeong Pungmul Festival (every May)
In May, Bupyeong, glistening with the green color of the month, presents the Bupyeong Pungmul Festival like a work of painting. The festival, held on Bupyeongno Street and Sintri Park, presents various traditional experiential events for the whole family including the nation-s top folklore customs performers and artists- performance, as well as important tangible cultural properties performances.
- Inquiries : 032-509-6224

Street performance near "Incheon Station"

Ganghwado Cultural Festival (every October or September)
The Ganghwado Cultural Festival is held at the Ganghwa History Hall, dolmen site, and Manisan. It begins with a sacrificial rite to the heavens at Chamseongdan on the peak of Manisan. There is an enthronement procession commemorating King Cheoljong along the 4km sector from Yongheunggung to the Ganghwa History Hall. The carving of the Tripitaka Koreana is also reenacted. Traditional performances such as siseonbaennori and yongdurenori are given. At the dolmen site, the making of dolmens is reenacted. You can also wear primitive clothes and throw stone axes and make fires. Foreign performances, including ones by a French dance group and a native American dance group, are held.
- Inquiries: 032-930-3512
This is not all festivals, which is held in Incheon. There are also Teojutgol Cherry Blossom Festival (every April in Jayu Park), Wolmi Festival (every October in Wolmido)


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