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Jayu Park (Freedom Park)


It is Korea's first Western-style park made by Samatin, a Russian engineer, in 1888. It was built nine years before the famous Pagoda Park in Seoul, which came to be in 1897. Joint-invested by Americans, English and Chinese who lived around the park site in late Chosun Dynasty, it was originally called Manguk Park (Thousand Nation or All Nations' Park, Universal Park), but was renamed West Park during Japanese Colonization.

It was finally named Jayu Park (Freedom Park, Liberty Park) when the statue of General McArthur was erected. General Douglas McArthur led a successful landing of the allied troops at Incheon during the Korean War (1950-1953). His statue was erected in 1957 on the Foundation Day of Korea in the same year...

Statue of General McArthur

On May of 22-nd in 1882, Korea and America signed a commercial treaty with 14 articles at the Hwadojin Hill where you can view the whole front sea of Incheon. Due to the treaty secluded Korea was known to the world. In 1992, the two countries again gathered to commemorate the 100 years of friendship and erected "100 years of Korea and America Treaty Memorial Tower". The memorial towers are composed of 8 towers with a shape of sail symbolizing human, nature, peace and freedom signifying the long time friendship between two countries. The place where this tower is seated is the previous house lot for John Stone.

From this park, you can view some part of downtown, harbor facilities, freight boats of various sizes entering and leaving Incheon Port and whole ocean. Jayu Park's hilltop location gives it a vantage point for enjoying Incheon's surrounding ocean scenery, Wolmido are also visible from the highest spot. It is the home of Seokjeong Pavilion, Yeono Arbor, Saeuri. The Incheon Cultural Center (Jemulpo Foreigner's Club), Hongyemun, Joryusa, and Yeonojeong are located at the park.

Evening view from Jayu Park's hilltop

Park is also a popular dating place for young people, as they can take a walk through the woods and look out over the sea. There also are a small zoo through an arched gate to attract many families and a pavilion in the park. The park is surrounded by many old buildings that have endured highs and lows to emit exotic atmosphere. Many festivals take place here, and in the spring the cherry blossoms make it a favorite place to stroll.


The Cherry Blossom Festival is held every April when the cherry trees come into full bloom along the uphill road leading to the park. The parades of Naval Guards of Honor and Military Band, Cherry Blossom Wedding Festival, the Teojutgol Miss Cherry Blossom contest and Original Jajangmyeon Eating Contest are just a few examples of our events and various culture and art events harmonizing with the cherry blossoms notify the coming of bright spring. Enjoy the excitement within the warm spring breeze.
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- Subway : "DongIncheon Station" or "Incheon Station" (1-st line), then 15 minutes walk to the park.
- Buses : 2,5,15,23,28,32,45, bus-stop "Incheon Station" or buses 2,6-1,12,15,22,23,41,45,46,etc, bus-stop "DongIncheon Station", then walk.

All points are given in WGS 84:
  1. Korea's First Western Style Park - Jayu Park - 37°28,508'N, 126°37,358'E
  2. Statue of Douglas MacArthur in Jayu Park - 37°28,490'N, 126°37,403'E
  3. 100 years of Korea and America Tready Memorial Tower in Jayu Park - 37°28,569'N, 126°37,279'E
  4. Observation Tower (Two-storeyed Pagoda) in the park - 37°28,510'N, 126°37,224'E
  5. Hongye Gate (Hongyemun) - 37°28,489'N, 126°37,564'E
  6. "DongIncheon Station" (1-st line of subway or bus-stops for buses 2,6-1,12,15,22,23,41,45,46 etc) - 37°28,493'N, 126°37,999'E
  7. "Incheon Station" (1-st line of subway or bus-stops for buses 2,5,15,23,28,32,45) - 37°28,559'N, 126°37,017'E

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