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Incheon International Airport


Down-to-earth and colorful at the same time, Yeongjongdo Island has been transformed from a small island home to swallows into Northeast Asia's transit hub. As the home of the world's greatest airport, it has an impressive modern splendor, yet still retains the old rural serenity. The island has quietly displayed itself with the opening of the Incheon International Airport. It is being developed as a new tourist site in Incheon.

Completed on March 29 2001, Incheon International Airport is built on an area encompassing Yeongjongdo and Yongyudo Islands, both of which, not coincidentally, were named after the creature that dominated their aerial spaces; (flying) swallow and (cruising) dragon, respectively. This all-weather seaside airport is not only bustling with arrivals and departures 24 hours a day, but is also an ultramodern facility ready for large supersonic aircraft.

Handling 170,000 flights, 27 million passengers and 1.7 million tons of cargo annually, this super-size airport, upon final completion of construction in 2020, will be able to manage 530,000 annual flights and 100 million passengers.

Inside the airport

Its passenger terminal, occupying an area of 496,000 m2 - over 4 stones and 2 basement stories, is 60 times the size of Jamsil football stadium, and certainly the largest edifice ever built in Korea.

44 large airplanes can land or take-off at the same time in Incheon Airport. It boasts the world's 3-rd tallest control tower and 24 hour airplane landing/take-off, while futuristic supersonic planes and mega planes operate from this advanced airport. Since its construction, Incheon International Airport has become the transportation hub of Northeast Asia. Though this large and impressive airport is an amazing sight to behold in itself, the blue sea and the numerous islands that dot the waters around the airport also create a sight that people simply fall in love with.

Yeongjongdo could previously only be reached by sea way. But now, because of the Incheon International Airport , Northeast Asia's greatest airport, Yeongjongdo is no longer just an island, it is connected to the mainland. An airport expressway of 40.2 km and Yeongjong bridge provides fast connection to and from Incheon International Airport, while there are also ferries serving it from Wolmido and Yuldo Islands, scheduled several times a day.

New transportation center - under construction

1. Check-in & Baggage Process
Follow standard check-in procedures. Golf clubs, musical instruments and other oversized or overweight goods are subject to a surcharge. After payment, report such items at the customs declaration counter behind boarding counters D and J and check in goods at the appropriate baggage counter.
D Counter: Domestic carriers Tel: (032) 740-4185
J Counter: Other carriers Tel: (032) 740-4185
2. Customs Declaration
Goods exceeding US$400 value including watches, cameras and jewelry, must be declared to Customs Declaration Counter prior at security inspection. If such goods are not declared, they will not be granted duty-free status upon reentry to Korea.
Tel: (032) 740-4181, 4191

Currency Exchange
3. Security Inspection
To ensure passenger and aircraft safety, all baggage is inspected prior to boarding.
- The following items are NOT permitted on board.
All firearms, guns, ammunition and explosive materials such as crackers or flares, compressed gas, insecticide, aerosol, spray paint, liquid bleach, thinner, strike-anywhere matches, flammable liquids/fuels (gasoline, cigarette lighter fluid, cooking fuels), tear gas, pepper gas/mace, spontaneous combustion material, poison, radioactive material.
- The following items must be placed in your checked baggage.
Knives (of any length), pointed scissors, tools (hammers, wrenches, screw drivers, etc.), pointed umbrellas, golf clubs, sporting sticks/poles, dumbbels, replica guns and/or ammunition.
- You may carry one cigarette lighter. (Except for the flights bound for the U.S. or any U.S. territory).
Tel: (032) 741-4736
4. Immigration
Passengers must present their passport, air ticket for inspection.
Foreigners :
- Registered : No Arrival & Departure Card
- Unregistered : Only Arrival Card needed
5. Boarding
Passengers should arrive at their boarding gate 40 minutes prior to flight time.

Electronic display board - International departures

Prior to Boarding
- Call your airline in advance to ensure you are in compliance with their carry-on luggage weight allowance.
- Arriving at the airport three hours prior to flight time will ease departure procedures.
- Be sure to use ATMs in the Passenger Terminal before proceeding to the Duty-free Area.
- Refuse to carry any items at the request of strangers, as these could contain narcotics, gold, firearms, etc.

1. Arrival
After arriving, proceed to the Arrival/Immigration Area.
2. Quarantine
Fill out a quarantine questionnaire to present to the quarantine officer. (Certificates are required for livestock or other animals and plants and must be presented at the Quarantine Station.)
3. Immigration
Present your passport for inspection.
Foreigners :
- Registered : No Arrival & Departure Card
° Unregistered : Only Arrival Card needed

Arrival gate on the 1-st floor
4. Baggage Claim
Check the electronic display board at Baggage Claim for your flight and carousel number, and pick up your baggage from the designated carousel.
- Large Baggage Carousel : between carousels 5 - 6 or 17 - 18
° Baggage Lost and Found : behind carousels 2 - 3 or 20 - 21
5. Customs Declaration
If carrying goods to be declared, present the Customs Declaration Form (filled out in advance) to a Customs Agent.
- Goods Subject to Customs Declaration :
Goods purchased or acquired overseas exceeding US$400 in total value. Liquor, cigarettes, and perfume exceeding the allowed per-person limit. (For more details, visit
Upon Arrival
IIA has four arrival gates : A, B, E and F. Greeters and passengers shouid use the designated gate so as not to miss each other.
- Greeters : Greeters should check flight arrival time and gate on the electronic display board on the 1-st floor (Arrivals) and wait at the designated gate.
- Arrival Passengers : Arrival passengers should use the designated arrival gate to meet their greeters.
° ID Signs : Information Desks provide greeters with papers for ID signs to locate arrival passengers.

Airport. West side

Airport Fire Station - (032) 741-2119
Airport Medical Center - (032) 743-3119
Airport Police - (032) 740-5561
Suspicious Items Report - (032) 741-4949
Airport Information - 1577-2600
Hotels - (032) 743-2570, 1, 4, 9
Railway Information - (032) 741-7788
Special Passenger Services - (032) 741-1122
Travel Information (KNTO) - (032) 743-2600-3
Travel Information (Incheon) - (032) 743-0011
Chohung Bank - (032) 743-6000
Korea Exchange Bank - (032) 743-2222
Shinhan Bank - (032) 743-5100
Woori Bank - (032) 743-5000

Information Service Robot and Information Desk
Public Organizations
Airport Quarantine - (032) 740-2700
Animal Quarantine - (032 ) 740-2660
Customs Declaration - (032) 740-3333
Immigration Office - (032) 740-7115, 7391
Lost and Found - (032) 741-3114
Plant Quarantine - (032) 740-2077
Post Office - (032) 740-2900~1
USO Counter - (02) 7913-5586, 8621
All points are given in WGS 84:
  1. Incheon International Airport - 37°26,959'N, 126°27,053'E
  2. Control tower of the airport - 37°27,660'N, 126°26,422'E
  3. Ferry mooring and ticket office on Yeongjongdo island - 37°29,609'N, 126°34,904'E
  4. Bus No.202 stop on the ferry mooring for the airport - 37°29,527'N, 126°34,840'E
  5. Bus No.202 stop in the airport on the 3-rd floor (Exit 5). Then the bus makes a short circle around transportation center and returns to Yeongjongdo Wharf (30 min, 900 won) - 37°26,950'N, 126°27,133'E
  6. Ferry mooring and ticket office on Wolmido island - 37°28,535'N, 126°35,843'E

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